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About Gourley Research Group

Gourley Limited Partnership (GLP) is owned 50:50 by the families of Gene and Maurita Gourley and Brian and Gina Smith. It is the original 140 acres owned by Gary and Georgianna Gourley (Gene and Gina’s parents) purchased in 1957.

In 2012, 5.2 acres were purchased by GLP near Stanhope, Iowa. Construction was started on a double wide 2,498 head wean to finish swine barn.

Gene, while working part time at Swine Graphics Enterprises directing the Nutrition and Research programs, designed the new GLP barn to conduct research and established Gourley Research Group LLC (GRG).​

In 2015 a second barn was built on the same site as the GLP barn. The new barn, a 2,498 wean to finish swine barn, was built by GRG and also set up to conduct commercial research trials. As of 2016 Gene has committed 100% of his time to Gourley Research Group.

In 2021, J&A was collaboratively purchased by Gene, Dr. Jason Ross, and Dr. Lance Baumgard, establishing Midwest Research Consortium.​

Higgins Nursery was built in 2020 by Will and Sawyer Higgins. GRG owns all of the research and feeding equipment that's used to conduct all research trials at the nursery.

From 2012 to 2023, the Gourley Research Group team has conducted and completed approximately 152 trials for companies all over the world.


Gourley Research Group is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients. Our team has over 90 years of combined research experience and we work together to ensure that our clients receive the best possible research and support.

GRG - Gene Gourley


Founder and President

Gene Gourley, a 5th generation farmer, obtained his BS in Agriculture and a Master’s Degree in Animal Nutrition at Iowa State University. Along with his three brothers, they own Gourley Brothers LLC which farms 4,000 acres of row crops and has a 5,000 sow farrow to finish swine operation that markets approximately 130,000 pigs annually. For 28 years, he was Director of Nutrition and Research and part owner at Swine Graphics Enterprises, a 28,000 sow farrow to finish swine operation. In 2012, he formed a consulting company, Gourley Research Group, where he consulted with SGE (now Cactus Family Farms) and conducted commercial research trials. He owns two wean-to-finish research facilities with a capacity of 4,800 head and 240 test pens. He’s also a co-owner in another 1400 head (68 test pens) wean-to-finish research barn along with a 2600 head (144 test pens) nursery research barn. He also conducts sow research in his family’s 3,200 head sow farm in Minnesota. He served on the Iowa Pork Producers Board of Directors for seven years and is on their Research Committee. He is also president of the Hamilton County Pork Producers Foundation.

GRG - Emily Bruder


Research Coordinator

Emily joined Gourley Research Group in August 2012 after completing her bachelor's and master's degrees in animal science at Iowa State University. She is our research coordinator and is responsible for all sow research, preparing wean to finish trial data for statistical analysis, and assisting with protocol development. Emily resides on a farm in Osakis, Minnesota with her husband, Jake, and two kids, Baker and Evelyn.



Project Manager

Randy completed an Associate's Degree in Agriculture from Iowa Lakes Community College in 1991, where he then worked for Land 'O Lakes Answer Farm, conducting swine, dairy, and calf research for 16 years. He later worked for Swine Graphics Enterprises for 10 years, where he managed swine research facilities, and since 2012  has been with Gourley Research Group. As the Project Manager for Gourley Research Group, he oversees ongoing research trials, collects data, manages the feeding systems, and looks after the daily care of the pigs. Randy lives in Webster City, Iowa with his wife, Erica. Together they have two daughters, Kayla and Jenna.

GRG - Leah Smith


Research Assistant

Leah received her Bachelor of Science Degree at Iowa State University in Agricultural Studies and is currently finishing her Masters in Swine Nutrition at Iowa State University. She has been the Research Assistant at Gourley Research Group since 2019 and a few of her daily responsibilities include data entry and collection, chores, and diet formulations.

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