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Higgins Nursery

Trial Options

Pen weigh dates for trials are flexible and dependent on protocol and needs. Feed inventories taken at weigh dates according to protocol. Feeders normally measured, but typically vacuumed at younger ages. Carcass data collected on all pigs and provided at no extra cost.


Pigs sourced via Gourley Brothers wean pig contract, which is a 5,000 head sow farm.



Wean to Feeder

Pigs arrive at weaning (about 21 days of age at about 13 lbs body weight) and stay for approximately 6 weeks or until they're about 55 lbs body weight.

Higgins Nursery Features

  • Four rooms in 60 ft wide x 195 ft long barn

  • Power ventilated with 8 ft deep pit

  • Total slotted plastic flooring

  • 144 test pens (36 per room) (6ft X 10.6ft)

  • 18-19 pigs per pen at 3.2 sqft / pig

  • 6 hole - 36" single sided dry feeder

  • Double cup waterer with two water nipples

  • Four water line options to every pen. Allows multiple water monitoring or treatments.

  • Pen scale (5’ x 10’) 

  • Big Dutchman scaled feed system for weighing (mixing, if needed) and delivering feed to each feeder.

  • 14 – 9 ton complete feed or ingredient bulk storage bins

  • 6 – 1,000 pound micro ingredient bins

  • 200 lb cement mixer for micro ingredient mixing

  • Maximus Ventilation controller – allows tracking of temperature and water disappearance.

Barn Map

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